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Introducing Photoleap Premium Mod Apk, a revolutionary app that transforms your ordinary photos into extraordinary masterpieces with a simple touch. Elevate your creativity and unleash the artist within as Photoleap offers a seamless and user-friendly photo editing experience, providing a plethora of tools and features to enhance every detail of your images.

Photoleap Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)

Unlock your creativity with the Photoleap Pro Apk – a powerhouse of AI image editing and design tools. Seamlessly enhance your photos with classic effects like colorization and enhancement, or elevate your images to new heights using advanced features such as photo animation and 3D effects. This all-in-one AI art app puts graphic design, digital art, and photo editing at your fingertips, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned creators. Whether you’re crafting designs from scratch or giving your pictures a magical touch, Photoleap Apk is the go-to solution for unleashing your artistic potential. Dive into a world of possibilities and turn your imagination into stunning visual masterpieces.

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All Features

Elevate Your Pictures Instantly

Transform your selfies into polished business photos with just a tap! Our AI Headshots feature effortlessly gives your images a professional look in seconds. Watch your journey through the years with AI Yearbook, capturing your evolution in a fascinating timeline. Extend your photo backgrounds seamlessly with AI Uncrop, creating stunning visuals with a simple tap!

Picture Perfect Edits

Enhance your pictures with HD quality through retouching tools. Instantly revive and restore old snapshots with photo effects, eliminating pixelation or blurriness. Retouching old photos becomes a breeze, giving them a natural and realistic touch in just one tap. Family portraits can be revitalized with easy editing tools that refresh and colorize memories.

Background Magic

Replace and add stunning backdrops effortlessly with our user-friendly photo editing tools. The background eraser lets you remove or replace unwanted elements, creating clean packshots for social media and graphic design. Enhance your photo backdrop with easy-to-use effects before sharing your creations with friends.

Photo Animator: Create 3D photos with motion editing and effects, bringing your still images to life. Add animation to make your photos dynamic and artistic. The motion features enable you to turn everyday photos into captivating 3D images.

AI Art Generator & Avatars

Witness your selfies transformed into works of art with AI avatars and the text-to-image AI generator. Input your photos, choose an art style, and watch your avatars come to life. The advanced neural networks help create abstract and dreamy AI paintings. Animate yourself into favorite paintings or cartoons, or design a completely new look for yourself and your family.

Unique Features of Photoleap

Part of the award-winning Lightricks suite of apps, offers a range of new photo editing and AI features. Animate your photos with live effects, turning still images into captivating 3D photos. Create AI art with the text-to-image generator or customize avatars. Colorize old photos, bringing them back to life, and enhance images by removing blur.

Explore the possibilities with Photoleap, your go-to app for turning ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art!

Lightricks Suite

In additions to features it is a part of the Lightricks suite, which includes Videoleap for video editing, Facetune for selfie photo and video editing, Lightleap for professional image editing, Boosted for marketing video editing, and Motionleap for photo animation and motion editing.


In brief, Photoleap Premium Mod Apk offers a seamless photo editing experience with powerful AI tools, transforming ordinary photos into extraordinary creations. From professional headshots to 3D images, the app’s user-friendly features cater to both beginners and experienced creators. As part of the Lightricks suite, Photoleap stands out as a versatile tool for unlocking artistic potential and creating visually stunning works of art.

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