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20 Minutes Till Dawn Mod Apk 4.1 (God Mode, Unlimited Money)

Immerse in the heart-pounding challenge against Lovecraftian horrors in 20 Minutes Till Dawn Mod Apk. Survive with diverse characters and weapons.

20 Minutes Till Dawn




68 MB


Unlimited Money




Android 6.0 and up

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Get ready for on a thrilling odyssey with 20 Minutes Till Dawn Mod Apk, an immersive mobile game that thrusts players into an intense confrontation with Lovecraftian horrors. Prepare for a relentless monster onslaught as you navigate the eerie night, armed with an array of characters and weapons.

Download 20 Minutes Till Dawn Mod Apk

A thrilling adventure awaits you in 20 Minutes Till Dawn Mod Apk, a mobile game set in a world filled with Lovecraftian horrors. Navigate through the eerie night armed with an array of characters and weapons, surviving an adrenaline-fueled 20-minute onslaught of nightmarish creatures. With over 10 distinct characters and upgradeable weapons, this game promises an unpredictable and exhilarating run-and-gun strategy. Unleash the power of synergies, strategically deploy sword and shield runes, and embrace Quickplay mode for a uniquely satisfying experience. Ready to face the challenge? Download now and dive into the heart of darkness.

20 minutes till dawn mod apk

Unlimited Money

Unlock boundless possibilities with the 20 Minutes Till Dawn Mod Apk Unlimited Money feature, elevating your gaming experience to unprecedented heights. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Lovecraftian horrors without financial constraints. This modification provides an ample supply of in-game currency, allowing you to explore diverse characters, upgrade weapons, and strategically enhance your arsenal. Embrace the limitless potential of the mod, ensuring an exciting and uninterrupted journey through the heart-pounding challenges of the night.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Mod Menu

Experience unprecedented control with the 20 Minutes Till Dawn Mod Menu, a feature that transforms your gaming adventure. This modification opens a menu of dynamic options, allowing you to tailor the gameplay to your preferences. Navigate seamlessly through characters, weapons, and upgrades, enhancing your strategic prowess in the face of Lovecraftian horrors. Embrace the mod’s versatility for an immersive and customized gaming experience, ensuring every moment is tailored to your gaming style.


In this heart-pounding shoot ’em up, players must endure a harrowing 20-minute battle against nightmarish creatures. The game’s simplicity lies in its exhilarating run-and-gun strategy, enabling players to select from a diverse cast of characters, each endowed with distinctive abilities.

Main Features

Diverse Characters

Unleash the potential of more than 10 unique characters, each boasting a distinct appearance and abilities. Whether relying on Diamond’s high HP for extended survival or harnessing Scarlett’s fiery wave attacks, each character introduces an unpredictable element to the immersive adventure.

Upgradeable Weapons

Survival hinges on strategic weapon selection from a diverse arsenal, with each weapon offering a unique playstyle. Earn upgrades by collecting XP, amplifying the weapon’s effectiveness. For instance, combining Quick Hands with the Flame Cannon delivers devastating damage at an accelerated fire rate.

Synergies for Bonus Power

Unlock exceptional upgrade combinations through synergies, elevating your arsenal to unprecedented heights. The Mini Clip synergy, for instance, reduces reload time and increases damage, providing a tactical advantage against relentless monsters.

Sword and Shield Runes

Deal critical damage with sword runes and tactically employ shield runes for protection in dire situations. Thoughtful rune selection significantly enhances offensive and defensive capabilities, ensuring prolonged survival in intense battles.

Quickplay Mode

Each round in Quickplay mode offers a uniquely satisfying experience, allowing experimentation with characters and their abilities. Embrace the run-and-gun strategy to conquer creatures of the night and unveil your winning formula for survival.


How To Choose the Right Upgrades?

Navigate battle scenarios by clicking the “II” button to assess synergies and choose the right upgrade tree, unlocking combinations that yield additional bonuses.

How To Maximize Damage Output?

Optimize damage output by combining upgrades like Quick Hands with specific weapons such as the Flame Cannon, dealing substantial damage at an increased fire rate.

How To Strategically Use Sword and Shield Runes?

Strategically deploy sword runes for critical damage and employ shield runes for protection in dire situations, enhancing overall offensive and defensive capabilities.


In the relentless night of 20 Minutes Till Dawn Mod Apk, strategic choices, diverse characters, and potent upgrades are the linchpins of survival. Confront the horrors of Lovecraftian mythology, refine your skills, experiment with characters, and devise a winning strategy to weather the ceaseless onslaught until the break of dawn. Are you prepared to embrace the challenge?

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