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Mivi Mod Apk 2.35.758 (Premium Unlocked)

If you’re looking for an app that can help you create music videos with just your photos, look no further than Mivi Mod apk. And the best part is that it is ad-free and does not leave any watermark on your creations, giving you the freedom to create and share without any interruption or unsightly branding.





110 MB


Premium Unlocked




Android 5.0 and up

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Are you looking for an app that helps you make music videos with your photos? Look no further than Mivi Mod apk! It offers an ad-free and no watermark experience that comes with amazing sets of filters and effects. With Mivi Mod apk, you can easily create high-quality music videos with just your photos. Try it now and see for yourself!

Mivi Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

Looking for all premium features in Mivi App, then must try our Mivi Pro Mod Apk, Our mod apk includes all premium features, such as the ability to access all features without any restrictions and without the need to purchase any additional in-app items. Additionally, users will be able to use the app without interruption from ads and will not have any watermark on their creations. This means that users can fully enjoy the app and its capabilities without any limitations, creating high-quality content with ease. With our apk, you can unleash your creativity and make the most out of the app’s features and tools, all while maintaining the integrity of your creations.


Overview & Features

Mivi – Music & Lyrical Status Video Maker & Editor is a mobile application that allows users to create and edit music videos on their mobile devices. The app allows users to upload their photos and turn them into videos by adding background music and special effects. The app offers a variety of features, including spiral, neon photo effects, emoji backgrounds, and angel wings to give videos a unique look. The app is marketed as a user-friendly tool that makes it easy for anyone to create music videos.

Fashionable, Effortless Video Creation

The Mivi app features a wide variety of templates, including Film 3D, Parallax, and Magic FX. These templates can be used to easily transform photos into music videos with just one click. Additionally, the app regularly updates its templates to keep up with current fashion trends. The feature can be summarized as “Varied, Effortless, Dynamic Templates” which allows user to have a wide range of options and make videos easily with the app.

Creative Photo Magic

The feature in mivi apk offers a variety of photo effects, including popular options like “neon” and “spiral,” as well as more unique effects like “lightning” and “flying butterfly.” These effects can be automatically applied to photos, making it easy to enhance and stylize them. Additionally, the feature includes high-quality filters that can be used to improve the overall look of the photos. Cartoon filters are also available, allowing users to give their photos a cartoon-like appearance. Overall, this feature provides a wide range of options for creatively editing and enhancing photos.

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Animated Text Wizardry

The feature offers a wide selection of animated text styles to choose from, with over 100 options available. Users can customize the text to their liking, adjusting things like font, color, size, position, and alignment. This allows for a great deal of creative control and flexibility in designing text-based content. Whether you’re creating a title, subtitle, or any other type of text, this feature provides plenty of options to make it stand out.

Trending Content Creator

It allows users to create and share status updates that are on trend. This could include the ability to create content that is popular on social media platforms, such as memes, viral videos, or viral images. This feature may also allow users to access a library of pre-made content that is currently trending, and customize the content with their own text or captions. The feature can be used to create social media posts, stories, or even video content that is on trend and relevant.

  • Facial Swap Magic

Face swap Option is a great feature that allows users to swap faces with others in a photo or video. This could be achieved using advanced facial recognition technology and deep learning algorithms to accurately map and align faces in the images. This feature could be used for fun and entertainment, creating amusing or creative results, or for more serious use cases such as creating realistic virtual try-on for makeup, glasses, etc.

  • Music Entertainment Hub

Another great feature that provides users with a vast collection of popular songs and music tracks. This feature allows users to easily browse and search through a wide variety of music genres, artists, and tracks. Users can also select and play their favorite songs, or create playlists of their own. This feature could be integrated with other features such as video editing, adding background music to videos, or even karaoke-like feature where users can sing along with the lyrics.

Mivi Pro Mod Apk Download

Unleash your creativity without any limitations by downloading our pro mod apk from our website. Our version comes without any watermark and ads, giving you full control over your creations. No need to worry about interruptions or unsightly branding on your final product. Our version is yours to use as you please, giving you the freedom to create and share without any barriers.

So What’s you waiting for? Just visit our downloading page and download the modded version of mivi apk and install on your mobile phone & enjoy premium features.

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In conclusion, there are a lot of photo editing apps like Picsart & lightroom, but our Mivi mod apk offers a variety of features that allows for creative editing, enhancing and creating content with unique effects, animated text styles, trending content, facial swap and a vast collection of music tracks. Additionally, it provides a seamless experience by removing any limitations such as ads and watermarks, allowing users to fully enjoy and make the most out of the app’s capabilities.

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