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Polarr Mod Apk 6.8.16 (Premium Unlocked)

Elevate your photos effortlessly with Polarr Mod Apk, a user-friendly photo-editing app designed for both novices and experts. Transform your visuals with precision and creativity.








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Android 8.0 and up

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A versatile and intuitive mobile photo editing app, Polarr provides users with a plethora of creative tools for enhancing their visual storytelling with their mobile devices. Seamlessly bridging functionality and user-friendly design, Polarr caters to both novice and experienced photographers, promising an immersive editing experience.

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Indulge in the realm of creative possibilities with the Polarr app, a photo-editing tool that offers a seamless and intuitive experience. Tailored for both novice and experienced users, Polarr provides a diverse array of features to enhance your visual storytelling. The app’s user-friendly design simplifies the complex process of photo editing, ensuring accessibility for all levels of expertise. Dive into a world where innovation meets convenience, allowing you to elevate your photos with precision and creativity.

polarr mod apk


Polarr operates as a comprehensive photo-editing toolkit, leveraging artificial intelligence and innovative features to empower users in crafting captivating visuals. The app’s intuitive interface simplifies complex editing processes, making it accessible for all. With a commitment to constant improvement, Polarr introduces weekly updates, keeping the filter library fresh and inspiring.

Main Features

Search and Discover Filters

Dive into the realm of creative possibilities with Polarr’s diverse filter collection. Effortlessly explore and find trendy filters that resonate with your artistic vision. The app’s thoughtfully curated collections and Creator Spotlights serve as perpetual sources of inspiration, fostering a vibrant community of photography enthusiasts.

Create and Share Your Filters

Unleash your artistic flair by crafting personalized filters within Polarr. This unique feature empowers users to design and share their distinct filters, contributing to a collaborative atmosphere of innovation. Share your individual perspective with a global community, celebrating creativity in every edit.

Scan or Produce Filters as QR Codes

Experience unprecedented convenience as Polarr allows you to effortlessly scan or generate QR codes for your favorite filters. This innovative feature streamlines the sharing process, facilitating seamless exchanges among users. Now, sharing your preferred filters is as easy as a scan or a click.

Synchronize Filters with Polarr Account

Efficiently manage and organize your extensive filter library by seamlessly synchronizing it with your Polarr account. Enjoy a unified experience across platforms, whether you’re using Polarr or its sibling app, Polarr 24FPS. This synchronization ensures a smooth and cohesive editing workflow tailored to your preferences.

Selective AI Objects and Masks

Harness the power of Polarr’s AI capabilities for selective object adjustments. Refine specific elements like the sky, person, or background with precision using various masks, including brush, radial, gradient, color, and luminance. Tailor your edits for a personalized touch that transforms your images into visual masterpieces.

Diverse Overlays and Retouching

Elevate your images with a diverse array of overlays, including gradient, duotone, weather, and custom options. Polarr goes beyond basic editing by offering robust retouching tools for refining skin, liquifying elements, and enhancing facial features. Immerse your photos in a world of creative enhancements.

Global Adjustments and Productivity Tools

Fine-tune every aspect of your images with Polarr’s comprehensive global adjustments. From tweaking light and color to refining HSL, toning, effects, and more, the app provides an extensive toolkit for meticulous editing. Boost your productivity with features like batch photo exports, face detection, and A.I. object segmentation, ensuring a streamlined and efficient editing process.


Polarr emerges as an indispensable tool for photography enthusiasts, combining innovation with user-friendly design. Whether you’re exploring the depths of creative filters, tailoring your edits with precision, or syncing seamlessly across platforms, Polarr empowers users to elevate their visual storytelling effortlessly. Embrace the world of limitless possibilities with PolarrĀ  Mod Apk where every edit is a step toward visual perfection.