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eFootball 2024 Mod Apk 8.3.1 (Unlimited Money, Mod Menu)

Experience unlimited resources in eFootball 2024 Mod Apk with mega features for enhanced gameplay. Build your dream team, dominate opponents, and enjoy realistic football action.

eFootball 2024




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Unlimited Money, Mod Menu




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eFootball 2024 is a popular football game that allows players to build their own dream team and compete against other players online. The efootball 2024 mod version of the game provides a number of additional features that can make the game more enjoyable and challenging.

It is a free-to-play football game developed by Konami. It features stunning graphics, realistic gameplay, and a wide variety of teams and modes to choose from. Whether you’re a casual fan or a hardcore football enthusiast, eFootball 2024 has something to offer everyone.

eFootball 2024 Mod Apk

The mod version of eFootball 2024 mod apk gives players unlimited money and coins. This means that players can easily purchase any player or item they want, without having to worry about running out of resources. This can be a great way to build a truly unstoppable team.

Mega Menu:

The mod version includes a mega menu with a variety of additional features. These features include:

  • Mega Hit: This feature allows players to hit the ball with more power and accuracy.
  • Accuracy Angle Goal: This feature allows players to score goals from more difficult angles.
  • Other features: The mega menu also includes a number of other features that can improve the game’s gameplay, such as improved graphics and controls.

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Gameplay & Features

The gameplay in is incredibly realistic. Players move and control the ball with fluid and natural movements. The passing and shooting mechanics are also very accurate, and it’s possible to create some truly amazing plays.

The AI in the game is also very challenging. Even on the easier difficulty settings, the AI will put up a good fight. This makes the game even more rewarding when you finally manage to beat them.

Building Your Dream Team

eFootball 2024 offers the unique opportunity to build your very own dream team, filled with both current superstars and legendary icons of the beautiful game. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Manchester United FC or AC Milan, or you prefer the flair of South American teams, you can personalize your team with the latest strips, emblems, and players.

Unleash Your Scouting Prowess

Once your team is created, it’s time to unleash your inner scout! From young talents just making their mark on the world stage to veteran players with mountains of experience, it offers an expansive player pool to choose from.

  • Special Player List: This curated selection features standouts from recent matches, players from featured leagues, and iconic legends, offering a range of exciting options to bolster your squad.
  • Standard Player List: Here you can become the ultimate talent scout, meticulously searching and selecting your preferred players from a vast database. Use the intuitive sorting and filtering tools to find the perfect fit for your team’s needs.
  • Manager List: Don’t forget the brains behind the operation! eFootball 2024 allows you to sign managers with diverse tactical approaches and coaching affinities, ensuring your team has the strategic leadership it needs to dominate the pitch.

Testing Your Skills and Battling for Glory

With your dream team assembled, it’s time to put them to the test! Whether you enjoy honing your skills against the AI or prefer the thrill of competitive online matches, eFootball offers a variety of modes to suit your gameplay style.

  • Sharpen Your Skills in VS AI Matches: Immerse yourself in a variety of events that mirror the real-world football calendar. From beginner-friendly “Starter” events to challenges featuring high-profile leagues, there’s always an opportunity to test your team’s mettle and earn valuable rewards.
  • Rise Through the Ranks in User Matches: Take your competitive spirit to the next level in the Division-based “eFootball League” and a multitude of weekly events. Can you lead your dream team to the top of Division 1 and secure ultimate bragging rights?
  • Team Up with Friends in Max 3 vs 3 Matches: Experience the joy of football with your friends in exciting co-op matches. Show off your well-developed team and strategize together to conquer the opposition.

Developing Your Players to Perfection

eFootbal 2024 takes player development to the next level. Depending on their type, players can be further honed and customized to fit your vision.

  • Level Up with Gameplay and Training: By playing matches and utilizing “Level Training Programs” obtained through events, you can steadily raise your players’ overall levels.
  • Unlock True Potential with Progression Points: Upon reaching specific levels, your players will receive “Progression Points” that can be allocated to specific categories like “Shooting,” “Dribbling,” and “Defending.” This allows you to personalize each player’s strengths and weaknesses, creating a truly unique and powerful team.
  • Auto-allocate for Streamlined Development: If you’re unsure about where to invest your valuable Progression Points, the game offers a convenient “Auto-allocate” function that will distribute them based on recommended parameters.


In summary, eFootball 2024 Mod Apk enhances the gaming experience with unlimited money, a mega menu, and realistic gameplay. Build an unstoppable dream team, face challenging AI, and engage in various modes, from VS AI matches to 3 vs 3 with friends. The game’s unique player development system adds depth, making it a captivating and dynamic football simulation

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