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Traffic Rider Mod Apk 1.99b (Unlimited Money)

If you’re looking for a motorbike game that you can play both online and offline, Traffic Rider mod apk unlimited money is a great option. It offers a realistic biking experience, even on lower end devices.




Traffic Rider




183 MB


Unlimited Money




Android 5.0 & Above

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If you’re looking for a motorbike game that you can play both online and offline, Traffic Rider mod apk unlimited money is a great option. It offers a realistic biking experience, even on lower end devices.

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Traffic Rider Mod Apk Unlimited Gold v1.98

Gold is a premium currency in the game that can be used to purchase special items and bonuses, such as extra lives or additional time in time trial mode. Gold can be earned by completing certain in-game objectives or purchased with real money through in-app purchases. If you are looking for unlimited gold in the traffic rider mobile game. Then you are in right place. Our mod apk includes unlimited gold, allowing you to fully enjoy the game without any financial limitations.

With unlimited gold in Traffic Rider apk can give you an advantage in the game, as you will be able to purchase special items and bonuses that can help you progress through the game more quickly.

For example, you could use gold to purchase extra lives or additional time in time trial mode, which would allow you to continue playing even if you make a mistake or have a poor performance. You could also use gold to unlock new motorcycles or upgrade your existing motorcycles, which could give you an advantage in races.

However, it is important to note that having a large amount of gold will not guarantee success in the game, as it still requires skill and strategy to perform well in races and complete objectives.

  • Traffic Rider Mod Apk Unlimited Money

In Traffic Rider apk, players can use the money to purchase new motorcycles and upgrade their existing motorcycles. What if you have unlimited amount of money in the game? Yes! our mod apk offers unlimited money in the game, with our Unlimited money hack, you will be able to purchase new motorcycles and upgrade your existing motorcycles, which can help you progress through the game more quickly. You could also use your money to unlock new tracks.

Additionally, while having a unlimited money may make it easier to progress through the game, it may also reduce the challenge and enjoyment of the game for some players.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk Unlimited Money

In this bike game, you can get unlimited money for free. If you want to get more options and free money from the game, then you need to download the mod version.

  • Unlimited Keys:

In the game Traffic ride mod apk, do you want to achieve the highest score? Absolutely! However, when you ride a bike, there is a lot of traffic in front of you. As you were riding your bike, you lost control, hit someone, and fell.

After hitting, the game starts again, or if you want to play from the same point, you need a key. The keys are collected as you play. But you only get a few keys while playing the game, which isn’t enough for us.

Modified versions of the traffic rider apk will allow you to earn extra and unlimited keys. These keys can be used when you need and want to purchase a new motorbike.

  • All Bikes Unlocked

The modded version of the game will give you all bikes unlocked when you start playing. The mod version of the game Rider is what you need if you need unlimited bikes. If you do that, you’ll get unlimited money to unlock bikes and new locations. Obviously, everyone needs a new bike at the beginning of this game.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk all bikes Unlocked

No Ads

This mod version will allow you to play without being interrupted by advertisements. Using the mod version of the game, you are no longer required to watch multiple ads. However, if you opt to play the original version, you will still need to watch multiple ads. To get the ad-free version, you simply need to download the mod. While playing the original game, you will see multiple advertisements.

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You are introducing your consideration to the insane race on the parkway. You will sit on a precarious motorbike and, going through the drive limitless traffic vehicles, converge into the approaching path and evade the vehicles cruising by. You have nothing to fear, further develop your motorbike and adrenaline rush in full.

Outfitted with a genuine iron pony, every player has the fantastic chance to play out the triumph of beautiful roads in enormous metropolitan regions. Everything is essential and adequately simple here: speed, effortlessness, elements, and a genuinely bad-to-the-bone interaction. The fundamental errand will be that the cruiser-racer will have not exclusively to deal with the vehicle yet avoid arising obstructions and machines.

Amazing Features

Discover all the exciting features the game has to offer here:

First Person Camera View

With First Person Perspective, players will join an outstanding experience of a trying and talented biker who wishes to finish all the most challenging motorbike difficulties that he could even imagine. The advantage of First Person Camera View is that player sees himself as on the motorbike, and you’ll not just be driving yet, in addition, encountering the precise reenactment of what’s going on out and about.

It doesn’t imply that the engineer is compelling you to play on FPP; an additional TPP choice accessible for you. The decisions are dependent upon you, differing them to encounter more charming ongoing interaction.

29 Motor Bikes to Choose from

There will be around 29 solid motorbikes for every client to look over. Motorbike makers, for example, Kawasaki, Indian, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Suzuki, and Yamaha, all have items in the game. Bounce on your cherished ride and journey your direction through the jam-packed roads with numerous vehicles. Because of the incredible assortment of motors, playing this game for quite a while won’t tire the player. He can do it for a considerable length of time.

Career Mod with 70+ mission

To start your novice biker experience, players will get opportunities to take an interest in the mind-blowing vocation mode. You’ll learn all that you want to know to turn into the best driver in the entire world.

Play through the north of 70 distinct missions that are accessible and have yourself the absolute most advantageous motorbikes. Become familiar with every one of the driving methods and stunts to assist you with going further in your excursion.

Realistic environment and Friction

When you start your ride to investigate the distinctive area, then, at that point, experience good evening and day varieties, have the loosening up breezes blow toss your cap. Or on the other hand, experience exact knocks with reasonable material science. This astounding contact makes the Traffic Rider APK so unique among different games.

Decorate your motorbike

Furthermore, players can get opportunities to tweak their rides utilizing the game’s numerous helpful choices. The money can purchase new bikes and work on the current iron pony. Give your bike a new motor, a more effective exhaust, better tires, etc., to make it more skilled in the city. Besides, you can adorn your bike with beautiful stickers, imaginative artistic creations, etc. Transform yourself into the classy rider that you’ve generally care about.

To get bikes and highlights of your decision, then, at that point, you should go through various missions and clear many levels to open them in different games.

Online leaderboards and achievements

Take the ride online as you join a vast number of players from everywhere with the web-based interactivity in Traffic Rider. End up contending in the refreshing web leaderboards with exciting and elating activities. Additionally, there will be north of 30 distinct web-based accomplishments for you to finish. Finish in the highest point of the rankings to procure yourself significant prizes.

Support Multiple Language Option

This game is upheld more than 19 dialects which implies that it doesn’t make any difference where you are and where you are from; you can play and download this game when you need. End up playing your beloved game without being disturbed by the language hindrance.

Tip to gather more scores and Cash

Quicker you ride, the more scores you get. When driving north of 100 kmh, surpass traffic vehicles near get extra scores and money. Going in an inverse heading in two-way gives additional score and money. Do wheelies to get different scores and Cash.

Ultra HD Graphic and Sounds Effect

The best and most exciting thing about this game is that it has a few genuinely cool and best HD designs. It would be best to ride on engine bikes through urban areas and expressways with stunning nitty-gritty illustrations. Take your driving side interest to the limit with the delightfully planned vehicles and vivid streets in Traffic Rider.

One more most beguiling element of this game is experiencing authentic engine sounds recorded live. It doesn’t mean all that is introduced depends on the enchanting world.

Traffic Rider For PC

Everybody wants to know if it is possible to play Traffic Rider Mod Apk 2022 on PC? Yes, I believe it is possible! It is simply a matter of installing an Android emulator. Install any Android emulator and you can play our Traffic Rider Mod Version on your PC. You can check our informative article that “How to play Traffic Rider on PC?

How to Download and Install?

There are few steps to download and install the game/App inside your android devices.

  • First of all download the Mod APK from the given link inside our website.
  • Make Sure You already enable “Unknown Source” option from the Security Settings. If not! Then Please enable it firstly.
  • To Enable “Unknown Resources” options Go to Mobile Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Resources
  • unknown sources -apklub
  • If you already enabled it, then Skip the step three.
  • Just Go to download Folder and click on the downloaded App, and then touch on Install. Wait for a while and you have successfully Installed Mod APK.

How to Play Traffic Rider game?

Can you imagine racing at a speed of over 100 kph and overtaking every vehicle that comes your way while traveling on a high way? You can’t do this in real life because this is something you will never do, but how about experiencing this thrilling scenario? Bikers will surely find Traffic Rider to be an unforgettable experience.

If you have downloaded the game, you can play it anywhere without an internet connection. This is true no matter where you are waiting for a bus or an interview or if you are sitting in a restaurant waiting for your friend to arrive.

In Start you will be given a bike to ride 100kph to complete one level. There are several different modes in the game. Out of its four modes, only two need to be discussed. They are:

  • Career Mod
  • Endless Mod

Do we give Traffic Rider Mod Apk?

Yes, Obsoletely, shape, or form, By the way! It is unlawful to give any Traffic Rider Mod APK or altered rendition of the game with no authorization of Sona Kara. We also realize that with the assistance of Traffic Rider Mod APK, players won’t see any sorts of Ads, can buy a new motorbike with unlimited money, and all stores opened in the Mod form.


Partake in this awesome game Traffic Rider Mod APK; combine your traffic information with your astounding motorbike abilities to finish intense but intriguing difficulties. In Racing Category, the Hill climb Racing APK is also one of the novel games. You should need to attempt this somewhere around one time.