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Take on an exhilarating odyssey into a world filled with relentless zombies with They Are Coming Mod Apk. This hardcore mobile game, blending roguelike and endless elements, beckons players to embody resilient survivors in the face of ceaseless undead adversaries.

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Experience the thrill of an adrenaline-fueled journey through a relentless zombie apocalypse in They Are Coming Mod Apk. This immersive mobile game throws players into a world where survival hinges on a strategic blend of skill and psychological resilience. Navigating through diverse challenges and undead adversaries, each playthrough offers a unique, personalized adventure. With a diverse arsenal of weaponry and ingenious traps, the game promises an intense and dynamic survival experience. Ready to face the undead? Download now and test your mettle in the face of the impending apocalypse.

they are coming mod apk

Unlimited Money And Gold

In the world of  They Are Coming, the modded version unlocks a treasure trove of opportunities with unlimited money and gold. This abundance empowers you to upgrade your weapons, fortifications, and traps to legendary levels, ensuring your survival against the relentless zombie horde. With boundless resources, you can embrace a thrilling, action-packed gameplay experience like never before. Master your strategy, dominate the undead, and emerge as the ultimate survivor in this modded adventure.

God Mode

With the They Are Coming mod Apk god mode feature, you transcend the boundaries of mortality and become an unstoppable force against the zombie onslaught. This empowering capability grants you invincibility, allowing you to face wave after wave of undead adversaries without fear. Unleash your inner survivor as you navigate the nightmarish world with impunity, reveling in an action-packed and thrilling gaming experience like no other. Embrace the power of god mode and dominate the hordes of the undead today.


In this heart-pounding experience, players confront a myriad of zombies, demanding a fusion of skill, strategic acumen, and psychological fortitude. The game’s roguelike nature intensifies the challenge, compelling players to recommence their survival quest with each unavoidable demise.

Main Features

Custom Playground Game Mode

Embark on a personalized adventure in the Custom Playground Game Mode, immersing yourself in a tailored experience that aligns with your unique gaming preferences. This distinctive mode challenges you to craft a survival strategy, navigating a landscape of diverse challenges and obstacles. With each playthrough, the mode adapts, ensuring an ever-evolving and engaging experience. Your choices and skills shape the outcome, making every session a fresh and personalized encounter.

Diverse Arsenal of Firearms and Melee Weapons

Explore an extensive selection of weaponry, offering a broad spectrum of choices for your survival journey. From rifles and assault rifles to shotguns, sniper rifles, and the awe-inspiring minigun, the arsenal is rich and varied. Fans of close combat can revel in wielding baseball bats, axes, hammers, Japanese swords, chainsaws, lightsabers, and more. This diverse armory ensures that every player finds their preferred tools of destruction, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Ingenious Traps for Tactical Defense

Elevate your gaming experience with the strategic use of ingenious traps designed for tactical defense. From roadblocks and spike barriers to claymore mines, these traps add a layer of complexity to the game. Successful deployment requires strategic planning and execution, turning each defensive move into a calculated decision. Navigate the undead onslaught with precision, turning the environment into a weapon and enhancing the overall challenge.

Ragdoll Physics and Bloody Kills

Immerse yourself in the thrilling realism of ragdoll physics as zombies dynamically react to your every attack. The game’s mechanics deliver visceral and bloody kills, intensifying the struggle for survival. The dynamic response of the undead adds an extra layer of immersion, making each encounter a visually stunning and adrenaline-pumping experience. Engage in the ferocious struggle, where every action has a tangible impact on the unfolding chaos.

Simple Game Mode

For those craving a more straightforward yet engaging experience, the Simple Game Mode is a swift entry point into the heart of zombie survival. Catering to both newcomers and seasoned veterans, this mode offers streamlined gameplay without sacrificing excitement. Dive into the action quickly, experiencing the essence of survival without the intricacies of other modes. Perfect for a casual session or a quick gaming fix, it provides a captivating and accessible gameplay experience.


How To Prolong Survival in the Game?

Ensure a prolonged survival by investing wisely in a diverse range of weapons and traps. Constant adaptation of strategy and vigilant gameplay are key to overcoming the escalating waves of zombies.

How To Excel in the Custom Playground Game Mode?

Attain mastery in the Custom Playground Game Mode through experimentation with diverse strategies. Learn from each attempt, adjusting your approach to conquer the game’s evolving challenges and tailor the experience to your preferences.

How To Intensify Bloody Kills for a Riveting Experience?

Maximize the thrill of bloody kills by experimenting with various weapons and observing the impact of ragdoll physics on zombie reactions. Embrace the chaos for a truly immersive and intense gaming experience.


They Are Coming Mod Apk stands as a testament to the adrenaline-pumping genre of zombie survival games, offering diverse features, challenging gameplay, and strategic depth. Whether you are a seasoned survivor or a newcomer, this game promises hours of intense and gratifying gameplay. Download now and put your mettle to the test in the face of the impending undead apocalypse.

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