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The mobile gaming era is moving forward, and RevHeadz Mod Apk stands bold as a masterpiece of excitement and authenticity. Offering a unique and immersive experience, this mobile game takes you on a thrilling journey through the symphony of engine sounds, meticulously simulating a vast array of modern and classic cars and motorcycles. Let’s dive into gameplay that puts you in control of gear-shifts, brakes, and accelerator speed, offering a realistic encounter with the world of high-performance vehicles.

Download RevHeadz Engine Sounds Mod Apk

Transitioning into the realm of immersive automotive experiences, RevHeadz Mod Apk offers enthusiasts and casual players alike an unparalleled journey into the heart of engine sounds. With a diverse collection of meticulously crafted vehicle packs, this mobile application invites you to explore the symphony of engines, from classic American muscle cars to modern supercars. As you download this extraordinary Apk, prepare to embrace the future of mobile gaming, where the roar of engines and the thrill of high-performance vehicles come together for an authentic and captivating auditory adventure.

revheadz engine sounds mod apk

Unlocked All

Unlock the full spectrum of auditory delights with the RevHeadz Mod Apk, where every engine sound becomes a symphony of unlimited possibilities. This mod features an all-encompassing unlock, providing enthusiasts with access to a treasure trove of meticulously modeled engine sounds across various vehicle packs. As you delve into this unlocked experience, embrace the thrill of high-performance vehicles without limitations, creating an immersive auditory adventure that elevates your mobile gaming journey.


RevHeadz Apk allows players to take command of gear-shifts, brakes, and accelerator speed, creating a truly interactive experience. The incorporation of real-world mechanical parameters, such as speedometer, tachometer, and engine load, adds a layer of authenticity that car enthusiasts will appreciate.

Main Features

OBD2 Integration

RevHeadz Apk pioneers an innovative OBD2 feature, allowing players to blend the virtual and real worlds. This integration enables users to hear engine sounds while driving their own cars, demanding only an OBD-II compliant vehicle and a compatible OBD Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapter. It’s a technological leap that transforms your everyday commute into a thrilling audio adventure.

Extensive Vehicle Packs

It offers a rich tapestry of vehicle packs, ranging from the roaring engines of classic American muscle cars to the sleek purrs of modern supercars. Each pack is a carefully crafted ensemble of engine sounds, providing players with a diverse and captivating auditory experience that mirrors the expansive world of automotive excellence.

Historic and Modern Grand Prix Packs

Embark on a time-traveling journey through racing history with RevHeadz Historic and Modern Grand Prix packs. From the iconic sounds of a 1978 Italian Classic to the cutting-edge hybrid V6 engines of today, the game encapsulates the essence of different eras in racing, offering a sonic panorama of motorsport evolution.

Street Tuner and Bike Packs

For aficionados of street racing and motorcycles, RevHeadz presents the Street Tuner and Bike packs. Feel the adrenaline surge as tuned engines power your virtual ride through the bustling streets, providing an authentic experience that resonates with the spirit of urban racing.

Supercar Pack Luxurious Symphony of Speed

Indulge in the opulent sounds of Italian and Japanese supercars with the Supercar Pack. From the commanding roar of a V10 engine to the sleek hum of a V6, experience the exhilarating thrill of driving elite automobiles, creating a symphony of speed that defines luxury on the road.

V8 Thunder Pack

For enthusiasts craving the thunderous roar of powerful engines, the V8 Thunder Pack is a sonic delight. Immerse yourself in the commanding sounds of a Caddy Racecar, Australian Racecar, and the monstrous V8 Monster Truck, delivering an auditory experience that echoes raw power.

Off-Road Adventure

The game caters to off-road enthusiasts with the Off-Road Pack, offering a sensory experience of rugged terrains. Feel the earth-shaking sounds of a Flat-4T Rallycar, the adrenaline-inducing revs of a 4-Stroke Quad Bike, and the high-pitched intensity of a 2-Stroke Dirt Bike, bringing off-road excitement to life.


RevHeadz Engine Sounds is not just a mobile game; it’s an auditory journey through the world of automotive excellence. With its extensive features, realistic gameplay, and immersive sound experiences, RevHeadz sets a new standard for mobile gaming in the automotive genre. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply looking for an exciting and authentic gaming experience, RevHeadz Mod Apk delivers on all fronts. Rev up your engines and get ready for a symphony of sounds like never before!

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