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House Designer Mod Apk 1.2000 (Unlimited Money)

Design your dream home with House Designer: Fix and Flip Mod Apk. Explore endless possibilities in home renovation and interior design.

House Designer




94 MB


Unlimited Money




Android 5.0 and up

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Get a glimpse of the fascinating world of home renovation and interior design with House Designer: Fix and Flip Mod Apk on your mobile device. Immerse yourself in a virtual world where your creative flair takes center stage, transforming dilapidated houses into stunning abodes.

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Bringing creative possibilities to the world of home renovation and design, the House Designer Mod Apk opens doors to a world of creative possibilities in home renovation and design. Seamlessly blending strategy with artistic flair, this application allows users to transform dilapidated houses into stunning living spaces. With a user-friendly interface and a diverse array of customization options, it provides an engaging platform for unleashing your interior decorator and garden designer skills. The realistic upgrades and challenges embedded in gameplay add a layer of excitement, making every design decision crucial for success.

house designer mod apk

Unlimited Money

In the House Designer Mod Apk Unlimited Money version, players can immerse themselves in a world of limitless possibilities. With an abundance of virtual funds, aspiring interior designers can unleash their creativity without financial constraints. This modification adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay, allowing users to explore and experiment with various design elements seamlessly.


Experience the thrill of flipping houses and decorating interiors in this thrilling gameplay experience. Buy distressed properties, unleash your design prowess, and either make them your dream home or sell them for profit. The game offers a dynamic blend of house renovation challenges and interior design opportunities.

Main Features

Interior Design Mastery

Delve into a world of creative expression as you experiment with an extensive array of furniture, decor items, and paint in House Designer: Fix and Flip. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your virtual homes, refining your skills as an interior decorator with each design endeavor. The game provides a dynamic platform for users to unleash their imaginative potential.

Garden Design Excellence

Transform into a garden designer, infusing natural beauty into your creations. From planting vibrant flowers to setting up charming pergolas, craft a harmonious backyard that seamlessly complements the interior of your virtual home. The game empowers players to create personalized and visually stunning outdoor spaces.

Buy, Fix & Flip

Embark on the thrilling journey of property investment. Purchase rundown houses, invest in strategic repairs, and flip them for a rewarding return on investment. House Designer offers a captivating experience, combining strategy and creativity in the pursuit of virtual real estate success.

Renovate Work Challenges

Face diverse challenges as you undertake cleaning and designing tasks for houses and intriguing locations. Test your renovation skills across various environments, adding an element of excitement and complexity to the gameplay. Each task unfolds new opportunities for creative problem-solving.

Realistic Upgrades

Immerse yourself in a realistic renovation experience where you make thoughtful choices in selecting and upgrading materials. Ensure that each fix not only enhances visual appeal but also serves practical purposes, adding a layer of authenticity to your virtual designs.

Profitable Ventures

Witness your virtual fortune grow as you turn distressed properties into lucrative investments. Balance your design aspirations with the goal of maximizing profits, creating a dynamic and challenging gaming experience.

Unique Backyard Creations

Craft one-of-a-kind backyard designs, infusing outdoor spaces with coziness and beauty. House Designer empowers you to personalize every aspect of your virtual garden, fostering a sense of ownership and creativity in your outdoor designs.


House Designer: Fix and Flip Mod Apk offers an immersive and dynamic gaming experience, allowing players to unleash their creativity in the world of home renovation and design. With a blend of challenging tasks, realistic upgrades, and profitable ventures, this game provides an engaging platform for aspiring virtual house flippers and interior designers. Dive into the world of endless possibilities and showcase your design prowess in this captivating mobile game.

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