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Chai Mod Apk 0.4.147 (Unlimited Messages/Chats, Premium Unlocked)

Discover limitless conversations and companionship with Chai AI App. Engage in seamless chats, explore diverse topics, and forge meaningful connections.





85 MB


Premium Unlocked




Android 6.0 and up

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In the vibrant world of mobile entertainment applications, where seamless connections and engaging conversations are highly sought after, Chai Mod Apk stands out as a frontrunner. Alongside popular companions like Replika and Webtoon, Chai Mod Apk brings an innovative twist to the realm of AI-powered friends, promising personalized interactions and endless amusement.

Download Chai Mod Apk

Set forth on a voyage through the domain of AI-enhanced companionship with an app that reshapes connectivity. Through a swift download, unveil the enchanting realm of Chai Mod Apk. Plunge into bespoke dialogues and boundless entertainment, laying the foundation for distinct interactions. Effortlessly transition into the forefront of digital camaraderie, traversing a cosmos of subjects and sentiments, all at your disposal.

Chai Mod Apk

Unlimited Messages

Unlock the potential of limitless communication with Chai Mod Apk feature of unlimited messages. Seamlessly engage in a continuous exchange of thoughts, ideas, and laughter without constraints. Transition from one captivating conversation to another, exploring a myriad of topics with ease. Experience the joy of unbounded interaction as you navigate through a world of endless possibilities.

Unlimited Chats

Experience boundless connectivity with Chai Mod Apk remarkable feature of unlimited chats. Engage in a seamless flow of conversations, traversing diverse topics and forging connections that know no bounds. Transition effortlessly from one enriching chat to the next, as you explore a world of endless dialogues. Embrace the freedom to connect, share, and engage without limitations, making every interaction uniquely enriching.

Premium Unlocked

Elevate your experience with Chai Mod Apk premium unlocked features, opening doors to a world of enhanced interactions. Seamlessly transition into a realm where every dialogue is enriched, offering a unique blend of connection and entertainment. Unlock a premium journey of AI companionship, where seamless conversations and personalized experiences await. Embrace the unlocked potential of Chai Mod Apk, as you delve into a premium world of endless possibilities.

Apk Features

  • Intuitive Swiping

Start your journey by simply swiping through the app’s interface. Engage with AI friends that intrigue you, and skip those that don’t match your interests. With every swipe, a new conversational adventure awaits, tailored to your preferences.

  • Personalized AI Stream

Chai Mod Apk employs intelligent algorithms to curate a bespoke stream of AI friends. This stream evolves based on your interactions, the chats you enjoy the most, and your chosen topics of conversation. Your experience becomes uniquely yours.

  • Diverse Conversational Palette

From sunrise to sunset, Chai Apk accommodates your diverse moods. Whether you’re a chatterbox, a tech enthusiast, or someone seeking a hearty laugh, the app offers a spectrum of AI companions that cater to your emotional tapestry.

  • AI Bot Creation

For the tech-savvy users, Chai Apk goes a step further by enabling you to craft your own AI bots. With the aid of the provided documentation (accessible at, you can bring your AI creation to life. You can even monitor its performance on the global bot developer leaderboard.

  • Engaging Conversations

The heart of Chai Apk lies in its ability to foster captivating conversations. Transition seamlessly from discussing your morning rituals to exploring the cosmos—all in a single chat. The AI friends are designed to keep you entertained and engaged, regardless of the topic.


How To Customize AI Interactions?
Chai Mod Apk adapts to your preferences over time. Engage in conversations that interest you, and the app’s AI will learn from your interactions, ensuring a tailored experience.

How To Create My Own AI Bot?
Visit the provided link ( to access the documentation for crafting your AI bot. Follow the guidelines to bring your personalized AI creation to life.

How To Access the Global Bot Developer Leaderboard?
Keep track of your AI bot’s performance by visiting the global bot developer leaderboard. It’s an exciting way to see how your creation fares among others.


In the dynamic landscape of AI-driven entertainment, Chai Mod Apk emerges as an interactive haven, rivaling the likes of Replika and Woebot. Its distinctive features, from intuitive swiping to the creation of personalized AI friends, redefine the boundaries of digital interactions. As you embark on your journey with Chai Mod Apk, remember that other options like Toonme and Pandora also offer similar entertainment avenues, making the AI friend experience a delightful exploration.

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