Bully: Anniversary Edition Unlimited Money Mod APK + OBB File

The Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD allows you to have unlimited money so that you can buy anything you want in the game. You can also use this mod to get rid of enemies quickly.
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Bully Mod APK Unlimited Money

Bully: Anniversary Edition is a popular game that has been mod. The mod version includes many features not found in the original game.

Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD is a popular game that has been mod to allow for unlimited money. This makes the game much easier as you no longer have to worry about spending money on resources. The game is also more fun as you can now buy anything you want without worrying about the cost. Overall, this mod makes the game much more enjoyable and is definitely worth downloading.

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Bully MOD APK is now available for download. This version includes all of the original content, plus the added content from the Scholarship Edition. The mod also includes Bug fixes and performance improvements. So make sure to download this version if you want to experience the game at its best.



Download Bully: Anniversary Edition Unlimited Money

Bully Anniversary Edition Unlimited Money

Bully APK is one of the humorous and most specific platforms of action games. The game reflects high school life, which is very interesting, and ennobling as well as thinks you much more about this game.

You can do many things in the game that you can’t do in your school life but you can do in this game There are many interesting things that the game provides to the player. This is one of the most lovely games that’s story is very different from the others.

In this game, a character can explore the world by doing different tasks. A teenager bully could compose words, solve difficult problems, doing different experiments like scientific lab research and sports achievements. These missions of the game can make the game more special and remember the activities of every player in school life. Everyone can love this play after playing the game.

Bully Mod Menu


The game describes the unbelievable life of a simple boy, ”Jimmy Hopkins” that can change many schools but his progress is very dull he was sent to a boarding school life so he can make his progress well and explore the things which are situated in a small town of “Bull worth”. You can play as a teenager to gain credibility among the thug and other supporters, you have to fight with the people, play the teachers, live a busy life, as well as conquer the hearts of the ladies.

Bully includes a lot of exciting activities. In this game, you can also challenge your classmates for mini-games like boxing, marathon, and many other activities. You can challenge yourself any time and play to make many and buy anything from the store.

In the school context, you can also participate in theoretical and practical activities. This will feel you like you are in school and can do anything you want and don’t in your school life. One thing more than the subject doesn’t matter to make you successful in the game. You can do a different task and make money. Dip into his life and discover many more interesting things.


The game describes the many wonderful and amazing features that have made him very attractive and interesting. In headings we can identify his features:

Easy and perfect controls

The answer is very easy and based on reality. Bully: Anniversary Edition features the easy and perfect touch control so you can play easily on your mobile and enjoy it more. The in-game setting on the top of the customization option is present; you can set every play button in your own style and set it on your hands.

Make new friends in-game

There are many people in the game you can meet differently, make strong relations with them so you can make good friends. Give them expensive gifts so and help them in this business and win their hearts so you can increase your bully rank in the play.

Travel the country in luxury vehicles

In other games, there are very fewer services you can provide for vehicles and you feel bored traveling on the fewer vehicles. But in the bully, you can have much more interesting things, and you can be traveling on him like a skateboard, bicycle, motorbike, cars of old and latest models, and the latest vehicles riding mover or go-cart, etc…

Multiple weapons:

In other games, there are dangerous shooting weapons to kill people, but the bully provides you with a childhood play weapon, and they can’t harm and kill anyone. The weapons such as slingshots, firecrackers, stink bombs, Bags of Marbles, Spray paints, chalks, and many other things.

Wear your characters in different clothes

You can dress up your bully in different clothes with different features and themes. Put on casual clothes when you are going out and meeting with your friend. When you are going to school you can wear a uniform and shoes. Collect beautiful clothes from the game store. There are different clothes for different missions.

Different Mini game

You can enjoy various interesting mini-games as you can play in school life. Challenge your contestant such as playing English words, solving math problems, and so on.

Visual and Sound system


The graphics are perfectly configured for this game. The bully gives high-resolution graphic templates, clear lightning, and dark effects which gives the 3D look on your mobile devices. The theme is very amazing that gives a colorful effect on your mobile screen and gives you an attractive view. The system also provides impulsive lighting with beautiful effects.


If we discuss the sound system, every character has its own different sound from one another that gives the realistic feeling. The game sound is also very impressive and interesting. Different movements that take place during the play have their own sound and you feel that you are in the real world or school life. The audio track gives a positive impact on it and utterly matches.


If we look over all the interfaces of the game, it is not very hard, it is easy to play. All the features of the game are very easy and you can easily understand all things. The game gives action, traveling, and playing mini-games challenges to the teachers, friends, and other people that make the display wonderful.

Play on PC Bully Mod APK Unlimited Money

Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK is a game that can be played on a PC using an emulator. An emulator is software that allows you to run Android apps on your computer. This particular emulator is called BlueStacks. To use it, you first need to download and install the software. Once you’ve done that, you can then download the Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK file and open it in BlueStacks. The game will then run on your computer, allowing you to play it just like you would on an Android device.


Can I play Bully on my Phone?

Yes, you can play Bully on your mobile devices, it’s totally free and you can all the items are unlocked, its file is present in the apk version, so you can enjoy it on your screens.

Is it safe to play bully?

Absolutely, it is safe from all frauds; you can play the game and feel relaxed because your data is safe and secured.

How to download and install the Bully Mod Apk?

The game is free to play and download on your devices. You can download it from our website by downloading the link placed in the game. The latest version of the game is updated automatically on our site when the developers update the new features. You can easily install and enjoy the latest version of the Bully Mod Apk.


Bully is the top-quality game in the Action category. It was specially designed for those who loved school life games. This app is very safe and secure. The quality and atmosphere of the game are very amazing and I will recommend you to play this game once you can enjoy the most amazing and interesting features of the play.

I will admit that my experience with the Bully is shallow at best. The features of the game are very original and you can like it. You can one’s download it on your mobile and play this game, you can really enjoy this game a lot and keep touching us on our website for amazing apps and video games.


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