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1945 Air Force Mod Apk 12.98 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Soar through historic WWII battles in 1945 Air Force Mod Apk. Customize planes, engage in thrilling missions, and experience intense aerial combat.

1945 Air Force




150 MB


Menu, Unlimited Money




Android 5.0 and up

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Enjoy the thrill of WWII with 1945 Air Force Mod Apk, an exhilarating mobile game that catapults players into over 30 legendary WWII battle zones. As history unfolds in the virtual skies, the game weaves a captivating narrative of aerial warfare that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

Download 1945 Air Force Mod Apk

In the dynamic world of aerial combat, immerse yourself in the thrilling experience of piloting historical planes through intense WWII battle zones. With over 30 meticulously designed environments, the game offers a vivid journey into the past, where every mission becomes a testament to your strategic prowess. The arsenal of over 60 planes from various Air Forces allows for extensive customization, creating a fleet of super planes with unique capabilities. Engage in challenging campaigns and diverse gameplay modes that keep the excitement alive. The graphics, lighting, and special effects provide a visually immersive encounter, bringing historical battles to life on your device screen. For enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline-fueled adventure, the download awaits, promising an exhilarating journey through the skies of World War II.

1945 air force mod apk

Unlimited Money

Experience the virtual battlegrounds with the 1945 Air Force mod apk, where the unlimited money feature unlocks new dimensions of gaming enjoyment. Immerse yourself in gripping WWII battles as this modification empowers you to customize and upgrade your aircraft without financial constraints. With this unique advantage, navigate through historical campaigns and challenging missions, strategically shaping your in-game destiny. Embrace the liberating experience of boundless resources, ensuring that every decision in the aerial combat arena is not just tactical but also effortlessly enjoyable.


In the gameplay, players will navigate through more than 500 challenging campaigns. Pilots can soar through the skies in over 60 historical planes from the USA, Great Britain, USSR, Germany, and Japan Air Forces. The customizable, upgradable aircraft can be merged to create formidable super planes, adding a strategic layer to the intense dogfights.

Main Features

Expansive Battle Zones

In a virtual time capsule, players can explore over 30 meticulously designed WWII battle zones, each a historical tableau that immerses them in the era’s intense conflicts. The attention to detail brings an authentic touch, making every mission a journey back in time.

Challenging Campaigns

Embark on a thrilling adventure with more than 500 challenging campaigns that become a true litmus test for a pilot’s skills and strategic acumen. As a player, you are not just a participant; you are a key figure in the midst of a war-torn landscape, making decisions that shape the course of history.

Historical Planes and Customization

With an arsenal of over 60 historical planes, players have the opportunity to create their own fleet of super planes through customization, upgrades, and merging. Each aircraft, representing the USA, Great Britain, USSR, Germany, and Japan Air Forces, carries unique capabilities, adding depth to the gameplay.

Varied Gameplay Modes

Engage in a dynamic shooting arcade game with a variety of modes, from bombarding and boss battles to stealth missions and assaults. This diversity ensures that players experience the thrill of different scenarios, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Daily Rewards and Tasks

A continuous sense of achievement awaits players as they earn daily rewards, complete tasks, and upgrade their gear. Regular play is rewarded with a steady stream of prizes, fostering a sense of progression and accomplishment in the gaming journey.

Immersive Graphics and Effects

The visual spectacle of crisp graphics, stunning lighting, and special effects enhances the overall gaming experience. Every aerial battle comes alive on the screen, capturing the intensity and excitement of WWII’s historic moments.

Division (Clan) Collaboration

Forge alliances and team up with like-minded Division Agents to tackle tougher enemies. This collaboration fosters a sense of community and camaraderie in the virtual skies, turning the game into a social experience beyond individual achievements.

PvP and Global Leaderboard

Engage in the adrenaline-fueled world of online shooting games, co-op with friends, and gather your squadron team to leave your mark on the global leaderboard. Thrilling PvP battles add a competitive edge, making every victory a moment of glory.

Offline and Online Modes

Enjoy the flexibility of playing anytime, anywhere, with both offline and online modes. This adaptability ensures that the game fits into the player’s schedule, providing entertainment on the go or at home.

Historical Plane Simulation

Delve into the captivating world of simulator games, where players can pilot many historical planes, experiencing the challenges of different eras. This simulation aspect adds an educational layer to the entertainment, making history come alive through virtual flight.

Exciting Events

Participate in special events, season events, and tournaments that inject excitement and variety into the gaming experience. These events create a dynamic gaming environment, keeping players engaged and eager for the next challenge.


1945 Air Force Mod Apk emerges as a captivating mobile game that seamlessly combines historical accuracy with thrilling gameplay. With its extensive features, diverse game modes, and vibrant graphics, it offers players an immersive journey through the iconic battles of World War II. Whether engaging in solo campaigns, collaborating with division mates, or competing globally, the game provides an exhilarating and rewarding experience for aviation enthusiasts and gamers alike. Embark on this aerial adventure, and let the skies of history come alive on your mobile screen.

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