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Shoujo City Mod Apk 1.10 (Unlimited Money)







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Hey there, looking for an amazing game? Look no further! Shoujo City Mod Apk 1.8.5 with all places unlocked is the perfect game for you! It has a virtual world filled with exciting activities and places to explore. With the mod apk, you can unlock all the places and have an even better experience! Give it a try and you won’t regret it!

Shoujo City Mod Apk Unlocked All

Our Shoujo city mod apk includes all places unlocked in the game. This means that players who use our apk will have access to all of the locations in the game from the start, rather than having to unlock them as they progress through the game. These locations may include schools, homes, parks, malls, restaurants, and other locations that are featured in the game. With all places unlocked, players will be able to explore and access all of the activities and events that the game has to offer from the start. This can provide a more streamlined and immersive gameplay experience for players.

Unlimited Money

It seems that the statement “Unlimited Money with our apk that gives extra benefits” is referring to a modified version of Shoujo City that includes an unlimited amount of virtual currency. The modified version of the game mentioned in the statement likely includes a feature that allows players to have an unlimited amount of virtual currency at their disposal. This could give players the ability to purchase any item they desire without having to worry about earning enough currency through gameplay.

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Additionally, the statement mentions that this unlimited money feature provides “extra benefits,” which could refer to bonuses or additional content that is unlocked by having an abundance of virtual currency


It is a mobile game that simulates the life of a teenage girl living in a city. Players can customize their character, go to school, attend clubs, and interact with other characters in the game. The game has received positive reviews for its cute graphics and engaging gameplay.

  • Romantic dates: In Shoujo City 3D, players can go on romantic dates with their virtual girlfriend. These dates take the form of visual novel-style events, where players can make choices that affect the outcome of the date. In addition to traditional dates, players can also choose alternative dating activities such as going to the movies or visiting an amusement park.
  • Shopping: In the game, players can shop for a variety of items including clothes, accessories, food, snacks, and toys. Players can use the virtual currency earned in the game to purchase these items and customize their character and their girlfriend.
  • Cooking: To win the heart of their virtual girlfriend, players can try their hand at cooking various dishes using recipes and combining different food ingredients. This adds a fun and interactive element to the gameplay.
  • Customization: Players can customize their character and their virtual girlfriend by choosing from a range of clothes and accessories. This allows players to create a unique look for their character and their girlfriend.
  • Unique girlfriends: Every player in Shoujo City 3D will have a unique virtual girlfriend with her own likes and dislikes. Players can choose to date one of these unique girlfriends or a dakimakura pillow.
  • UFO catchers: The game features UFO catchers, which are arcade-style games that allow players to obtain anime figurines. These figurines can then be displayed in the player’s virtual apartment room.
  • Yuri relationships: Shoujo City 3D includes romantic relationships between two girls, also known as yuri relationships. This allows players to explore different types of relationships within the game.


In the end, I just wanna say that our Shoujo City Mod Apk that includes all places unlocked with our unlimited money, you can enjoy all the extra features of the game for free.

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