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The most popular Battle Royale game, PUBG APK, is now available right on your Android device. With its debut on mobile, this world-famous shooting game has taken the world by storm. Explore our review to learn more.

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Developer:Tencent Games
Android Version:4.3 & Above
Size:99.35 MB + 1.7 GB Obb

It was released globally in March 2018 and was developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios of Tencent Games under the license of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. In addition to its visual qualities, multiplayer maps, and shooting experience, PUBG MOBILE provides players with a highly personalized Battle Royale experience.

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A hundred players will begin their journey on the battlefield, which will be exciting yet intense. To become the last team standing on the battleground, players must scavenge survival supplies and explore the map terrain, vehicles, and items to the max. Keep an eye on your heart rate as the play zone shrinks. A survival ring surrounds you, where anything outside slowly deteriorates.

PUBG MOBILE’s influence extends beyond its role as a game; it is not only a way to connect players from around the globe but a way to encourage them to live to the fullest. The game offers several maps, including Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik, among many others. You can also explore several modes of gameplay!



Below are some of the game’s most notable features:

Enjoy the exciting online gameplay with gamers from all over the world

Once gamers have defeated the enemies and stayed within the shrinking circle, they can also explore the outside world. Join millions of gamers around the world in this exciting online game.

Get ready for epic real-time PvP battles with your entire team. You will control them in various game modes, from defending yourself from your enemies’ attacks to facing off head-to-head in a fight between your two armies. However, you’ll still enjoy playing PUBG mobile.

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Experience the classic Battle Royale gameplay

Throughout PUBG, players have the chance to experience the classic Battle Royale gameplay, where you are presented with the most epic challenges of survival. Explore the map and pick up weapons and items to gain an advantage over other players. Prepare to face multiple gamers in a battle for survival in a completely unknown world.

You can pick up a variety of weapons

There will be many weapons, including guns, grenades, and even bows and arrows, in PUBG mobile. You’ll be able to locate them after dropping from your parachute, and you can loot epic weapons from them when you defeat your opponents. Your melee weapons can be used to strike your foes at close range quickly. Alternatively, your sniper rifle and crazy scopes can be employed to snipe them, or your machine gun can be used to blast away your enemies.

Survival gear at your disposal

Further, players are also given items and gear that will assist them in surviving attacks. Therefore, you must collect helmets and armor quickly to ensure that you can stay the damage your opponent’s cause.

To keep your health at maximum levels, you should get yourself bandages, first aids, painkillers, and energy drinks when your health is slipping.

Amazing vehicles to ride on

Furthermore, PUBG mobile introduces players to various vehicles that they can jump into and drive anywhere. These are especially useful for escaping the closing ring.

Nevertheless, you can hop on powerful motorbikes that can reach extreme speeds. You can also drive monster cars, incredible tank strength, around the city streets. You can also hunt and run down your opponents with them if you’re more interested in killing people.


It would help if you remained alert, as traveling in a vehicle will generate a lot of sounds, which will make you more obvious to your opponents. Furthermore, be sure to fill up on gas before beginning your journey.

Go solo if you dare!

One of the game’s features is a solo mode in which the player fights 99 enemies alone. Choose between various playing styles while stomping in on every enemy to take them down with your expertise or running around collecting goods and avoiding conflict to reach the final round. The winner will receive all the prizes, and the losers will only have death as their fate.

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Join your teammates in combat against the enemies.

To enjoy the game with your friends, you can create a squad where you and your teammates will compete against teams from around the world. You could win the match if you stay connected and devise effective strategies. Defeat all enemies that appear in your path and provide support to your teammates when needed. Try out different tactics to enhance your chances of winning.

Having been knocked down by another gamer, you can still be revived if there are still teammates left. You could get up to your place, stand next to them, and they’ll start reviving you. Only if all team members die can you lose your team, increasing the chance of a comeback.

Engage in thrilling team battles with your friends in Arena Mode

Alternatively, if you prefer a team battle to a solo tour, you can join in with a random 4-man squad or friends in the epic team battles. The exciting survival challenges will test your teamwork and tactics to the max. Only four players will be facing you in the arena mod, and your team needs to kill 40 times in 10 minutes.

Additionally, you can get a higher chance of winning after being killed by the enemy for 10 minutes in this mode. The other team can wipe out your team only if they kill you 40 times.

Communication is made easy with voice chats

A key feature of PUBG Mobile is the voice chat feature that makes the game more interactive between players. This is especially useful when playing in squad mode, where communication is essential. Turn it on, and you can start speaking with your teammates. You can even provoke your opponents if you want.

Visual and Graphic

This game features amazing visuals and audio quality, which will make you feel completely lost in PUBG’s world. Due to the power of Unreal Engine 4, the environment and characters are extremely realistic. Play PUBG Mobile and enjoy detailed and vibrant visual effects.

Moreover, players who desire to experience the most immersive sounds can share the 3D sound effects. With the surround sound 7.1 channels, you can hear where bullets and grenades are coming. For FPS games, you must identify the direction of the sound to locate the enemy.


If you don’t like the old Battle Royale games, which are mostly identical when it comes to gameplay, then PUBG is one of the most popular online FPS shooters available for Android phones and tablets. Along with this game, our top recommendations include Clash Royale and Free Fire APK if you find the game interesting and would like to experience similar games.

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