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Heads Up Mod Apk 4.9.6 (All Desks Unlocked)

The latest version of the game gives all desks unlock so you can enjoy these amazing desks and take a lot of gaming fun.

Heads Up Mod Apk




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All Desks Unlocked




Android 5.0 & up

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Heads Up Mod Apk All Decks Unlocked

A “deck” refers to a set of cards that contain words or phrases related to a particular theme or category. When you start a game of Heads Up!, you can choose from a variety of decks, such as movies, animals, accents, and celebrities, or you can create your own custom deck by entering your own words or phrases. The game will then deal out a certain number of cards from the chosen deck, and players will take turns trying to guess the word or phrase displayed on the screen of the device by giving clues. The game is won by correctly guessing the most cards before time runs out.

With our Mod apk you guys will get all decks unlocked from the beginning of the game, If all of the decks are already unlocked in the game from the start, it means that you will have access to all of the available categories and themes to choose from when you start a game of Heads Up mod apk all decks unlocked! You won’t need to unlock any additional decks as you progress through the game, and you can choose whichever deck you want to play with. This can give you a lot of flexibility in terms of the types of clues you can give and the words and phrases you can guess, and can make the game more fun and varied. If you have any specific decks that you prefer to play with, you can always choose those, or you can mix things up and try out different decks to see which ones you enjoy the most.


Heads up apk are one of the funniest and most exciting games in the arcade genre. Ellen DeGeneres plays this game in her shows, and the audience and celebrities of this show can enjoy it well. It is the most popular and exciting game that everyone takes an interest in them for many hours.

This play will be released on the Android platform. You can easily play with your friends, family, and any person, and you are just guessing the words like animals, plants, and any other thing.


Heads Up apk is an awe-inspiring mobile game, and every person is inspired by it. The gameplay is straightforward. You can put the mobile on the other person’s forehead and choose the card, and then the timer will start. The person will guess the word; if he thinks the correct term is on time, he will win, and if they do not believe the right word and the time ends, he will lose and then play again.


The player can take suggestions and clues from another friend that can play with him, and how much he will give the correct answer will depend on the player’s ability. There are many categories in the game like Harry Potter, Friends, and marvel, and you can also create your class and have fun with this fantastic gameplay.

Heads Up Apk Features

Card Desks

There is a forty-plus desk in the game. You can choose any desk you like, and every desk contains a different card of words. The desks include animals, celebrities, movies, pronounced, characters, and much more things about life.

Play online on Zoom

If you are bored and no one is present near you, and you want to play with someone, there is an opportunity for you can play with your friend through zoom. Playing online will give you more happiness, and you can make many new friends.

Card regard various contents

As you know, there are various desks in-game, and every desk contains different cards that include a lot of content. If a player plays a movie desk, then the game will give a lot of content about the movie, and the player guesses which word is on her forehead on a mobile screen. Such as if they play on a song’s desk, then a game will give him the music of a song, and then a player guesses which song is this and enjoys it.


The heads-up gives you the most outstanding and tremendous feature of the timer. When the game starts, you can pick the card for your opponent, and then you can begin to the time if he will give the correct word within a time, then he wins. The timer plays a significant role in this play.

Play without an Internet connection

Heads up, give the players to play offline on their mobile devices anyplace, wherever you like. Especially when you are going outside with your friend on the trip or on any adventure you can play with your friends to have a good time with them and make your trip memorable.

Visual and Sound system


Overall, the gameplay looks fascinating and extraordinary. The graphics of the heads-up are very crystal clear and HD. This game will comfortably play on any low version of android devices. The theme is very creative, colorful, and unique that making your android screen very attractive.


The developer of the heads-up can do very appreciative work on the sound system. The soundtracks of this game attract gamers, and they will guess the right word. The sound plays a good role in the game that making the game funny and thought-provoking.

Interface and Control System

The interface of the game is uncomplicated and easy to understand. You can control all the features and enjoy beautiful and fantastic gameplay.


How can we play the heads-up game in our mobile game?

You can download the game, then open it and play with your friends and family. Open any desk in the game, then choose the card and hide it from your friend. Start the time and give him clues, so for doing this, you can play.

How can we download and install heads up apk?

You can visit our website apklub. The downloading link is placed in the game, and click on it and download the apk file, then go to your download and open the file and install it on your mobile devices.


It is one of the loveliest and funniest arcade games on the Android platform. I can purchase a bundle of unique desks because the purchase desk gives more fabulous features to play with. I can play it with my family and friends to take some joy from it.

The game is awe-inspiring, and I can suggest you play it with your friend in your spare time. You will enjoy it and take satisfaction from this game. You can visit us on apklub to enjoy more games.

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