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Goat Simulator apk is an exciting and entertaining simulation game. You have to be a goat in order to do anything you want. You destroy everything and break everything. When you roam, you cause havoc everywhere you roam. Disturb neighbors and complete game missions.

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Developer:Coffee Stain Publishing
Android Version:4.0 & Above


At the start of the goat simulator apk game, a goat character is given to you to control. You are left in an open area that is filled with houses, forests, mountains, and stables as well as many other places that are still being built. You tease passers-by and hit them and throw them away. People hide from you so you don’t tell them anything, but you still find them and are annoyed by them. Additionally, you enter the goat farm and hit the goats, injuring them.

You can do a lot more than that in the game. Among other things, you can ruin birthday parties. You can grab things with your tongue and take them anywhere. Moreover, you fight in three rounds like other goats. Throughout the three rounds, you will fight each of the mighty goats. By throwing them out of the circle, you can easily win the fight. You are given a variety of challenges to complete your unfinished missions. There are bottles in the game that you can grab to unlock a lot of different items. This includes a pitching machine, a jet pack, egg gout, and many other varieties of goats.

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Features of Goat simulator

Become a goat

You have to play as a goat in this simple game. The one who roams freely in the city disturbs the work of the people and harms them. Using horns, he can blow up the people and throw them in the air. You can also use your goat-like power to hit and explode a lot of vehicles, trucks, and many other objects in this game.

Proud to be an alpha goat

For points in the game, you have to annoy a lot of people and you get a lot of points by wiping their losses. You get points by breaking things and ruining them. Try to become the Alpha Goat by completing missions.

Eliminating the crash-bugs

Since you are familiar with the epic bugs in this game, you will enjoy this game even more if you haven’t played the PC version of the game. Amongst millions of bugs, you find yourself having fun. To accomplish your missions, find and control the goat. The crash bugs that caused the game to crash have all been fixed. You can now enjoy the humorous game physics that comes with it.

Earn Precious Rewards

The game requires you to complete a lot of missions and challenges. By completing them you get rewards as well as the chance to unlock new items. With your goat, you can destroy everything in your path. You gain many rewards from this. Help your goat become an Alpha goat by completing missions that are very difficult so that you can unlock a lot of things from them.

Different goats and adventures

In this game, you are also introduced to a variety of goats from which you start your journey. They each have different strengths and abilities. Discover new places to wreak havoc on different maps with your power. Take out your enemies’ goats and throw them into the sky. Do scientific experiments on yourself to become an anti-gravity goat. In Goat Simulator, anything is possible.

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Visual and sound quality

The graphics in Goat Simulator appear 3D, but its design isn’t particularly impressive. Each character looks different. When you combine the failures of this game, all of a sudden you start to like this game. As you play you start liking this game because of its weird physics and graphics. Additionally, it is very funny when it comes to his music. The sound of everything is very clear and funny. When someone is flying, you can hear them screaming and running. That is why gamers are drawn to this game.

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This game has a very simple interface. There are a couple of ways in which you can handle your goat. Additionally, you can conveniently control your goat from your Android screen and wreak havoc in the city. The game can be played by players of all ages and is easy to control and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

This game is as simple and effective as a goat simulator on the Xbox. You can do a lot of things in it and discover new things. The graphics are fantastic, as are the controls, but is it possible to make simulations of the SIMS, amphibians, or dinosaurs, as that would be so much fun? Due to its addictive nature, I’ve spent a lot of time using this game. This allows me to really enjoy the game and have a lot of fun with it.

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