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A dragon city mod apk latest version is available for download. It includes one hit hack high damage, unlimited money, and gems for the dragon. With this mod, everything is already unlocked without having to spend a penny or taking up a lot of time.
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Dragon City Mod Apk v22.5.2 Features

  • Unlimited Money/Gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Food
  • No Root
  • Anti Ban

Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Money & Gems

The first thing you should mention is Dragon City Mod Apk unlimited money and gems. Having money is essential for all features. A challenge of this game is acquiring gems for feeding monsters.

To earn gems and money, you have to complete many missions in the original edition. Modified versions of the game, however, allow you to obtain infinite gold and gems with a single click, making your game goals easier to attain. Moreover, you can easily raise your monsters to higher levels without difficulty.


Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Food

Is it your dream to make your dragon a legendary dragon? A dragon requires a great deal of food during the raising process. The best thing about this mod is the unlimited food. You will love this mod version if you played the game from the Play Store. The current version has a lot more restrictions than the mod version. For you to understand the pros of this game, I recommend you download this mod.

Anti Ban

Players do not need to worry about a ban because Dragon City’s security has been strengthened by the developer, and we have improved our mod according to the latest update. You should no longer have any problems about the ban, our mod is anti-ban, so download and play the game. 

dragon city mod apk anti ban



Dragon City Mod APK is a game for mobile that allows you to do massive damage with just one hit. This is made possible by the Mega Menu Mod, which gives you access to a variety of powerful attacks. You can use these attacks to take down enemies quickly and easily. The mod also allows you to customize your dragon, so you can make it look however you want.

Dragon City Mod Apk (One Hit)

Dragon City Mod APK is a free social network game to play and a strategy video game. The initial launching date of this game is May 8, 2012. It can be uploaded on the google play store first time in 2012 for the given android version used these days in different androids. Social Point company has the legal rights to Dragon City APK game and the developer’s name is مرتضى الشمري.

dragon city mod apk poster


It is a strategic game where you can make your dragon world with your mind and heart and work on it to make it robust and beautiful. In this game, we have dragon masters and they have different dragons. There are places, dragons, and fruits to feed a dragon from unlimited gems and unlimited gold, and a given task.

Born New Dragons:

Moreover, there are places such as the dragon battle arena, where dragons fight against each other and win, making them stronger. In the dragon hatchery, you can buy dragon eggs and breed baby dragons. To make your dragons bigger and more powerful, you can buy a farm in the habitat.  There are many other places where different things can take place.

However, a dragon’s master can help you to do different things in this game and you can make yourself a powerful dragon master as well.

Dragon City Mod APK all dragons unlocked

Breed Your Dragons:

There are other options and goals in which you can breed your dragons with flames, speed up flames, and many other options, etc. Buy a new egg from gold and speed up your dragon with a flame so the dragon will look like a fire dragon. It will also increase your level of the game so that you can make your reputation good in dragon city.

In the dragon city, game-feeding farms have three categories: Grower, Gardener, and Backyard Gardener which can be bought from gold. The grower category has the highest gold price. Gardner categories have a medium gold price. Backyard Gardener has a low gold price.

Unlocked New levels:

There are also many things in the dragon city game that are locked and will be opened to complete the previous levels of the game. In this game, there are many other dragons that you cannot own they will be locked in the cage and if you can buy them then they will be yours. Each dragon has its name in the game.

For the flame dragon, there is a flame habitat where only flame dragons can feed and grow. Flame Habit can buy the gold and take it to place in the dragon city so that the flame dragon can feed making him powerful so that they can battle with the other dragon masters. By playing these steps you can get blue stars XP that will increase your star ratings in this game.

Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems:

In the goals option, different goals will increase your level of unlimited gold and unlimited gems that will be used to buy different things in the game. Inbreeding option there are two lists of dragons in which you can select one dragon from each list and make a pair of dragons but you can select a dragon from the same species if you select the flame dragon then the other dragon is also a flame dragon so you can make a pair and start breeding.

dragon city mod apk unlimited money and gems

Different Places:

So, for this, you can hatch more dangerous dragons to grow food, and increase your levels. There are more different levels and places in dragon city. Slowly, when you increase your levels you will reach those places like forests, islands, and lava mountains where you can grow food and feed your dragons on that place.

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Dragon City Mod APK Premium Features

  • One Hit

What is One Hit Hack?

The One Hit High Damage Mega Menu Mod gives players an advantage by increasing the amount of damage they can do with each hit. This makes it easier to take down opponents and progress through the game.


The goal of Dragon City

The goal of this game is to become a legend after completing the Dragon Book. In Dragon Book, there are over 1000 dragons,s and this number increases day by day with newly discovered dragons. So, is it possible to become a legend? Yeah, it is tough to complete the Dragon Book but not impossible.

In addition, to become a legend you need a big Dragon City for that, firstly you have to build a habitat, and then you can go to a shop and buy a habitat from gold, and then you can place it in the Dragon City. Then you can go to the eggs hatchery and buy an egg from the gold and born the dragon to come to this city.

Moreover, it comes to know also that you have to take care of their huge demands and food supplies. For better care, you must have an upgraded island in which all goods are available for dragons.

Decorate your dragon according to your own

One of the best features is in the Dragon City game is that you have an option available to customize your dragon and island, make your island so attractive as you have to live there and decorate the island according to your dream, the island should look more realistic than your heart says oh man! Please capture a Snap of the decorated island and post it on social sites. After Island gives an attractive look to your dragon as well that can distinguish between the dragons while battling. Beautiful island for Beautiful Dragons.

Boost up your Dragon!

To speed up your dragon you need gems. You can select a dragon and feed it until your dragon grows to Level 4. You can feed and train your dragon in different ways so it can be made more powerful and battle with the other dragon masters. The more you can feed the dragon, the more it will grow and the more it will be powerful and battle other dragon masters.

After the 4th level of the dragon feed, then again go to the shop and buy a building of the food farm from the gold and place it in the dragon city, which will increase your level of the game. When your game level is increased you will get the different rewards of unlimited gems and unlimited gold. On the food farm, you can grow food to feed your dragon.

Engage in attached gameplay online and offline

When you lack Internet, don’t worry the game comes up with offline option availability. Spend your time with the game without the internet and complete the mission. During the offline period, earn prizes feed your dragon, and decorate your island too. When you have a stable internet connection to challenge your opponent in PvP Arena mode, you can challenge that friend that connected the Dragon City game with Facebook.

Easy To Play:

Dragon City is an easy-to-play game. Everyone can participate in this game. Playing it is very simple and relaxing for the mind and heart. This game is suitable for children of all ages as there is no age restriction. You will not get angry from playing.  

Free or purchased version:

The app is free to download and in the purchased version, we will only buy unlimited gold and unlimited gems from money. Gold and gems will help you to buy a dragon, farms, habitat, and many other features in the game and unlock your dragons which will reach you in upper levels to battle with the upper-level dragon monsters.


Let’s talk about the graphics of the game then with the HD coloring of Dragon, its unique design, and the Sharpness that makes it so attractive. With a beautiful battle place with unique dragons and a surrounding environment, Floating Island, everything is so clear that you feel you are living in a dream with a dragon.

Android and IOS:

The issued id of the user or player of the dragon city game will be connected through a Facebook account to play this game. In Android, the latest given version of mobile is 4.4 with the least spec 1 GB RAM, and for IOS 10.0 or later, it is required.

Download Dragon City Mod For PC

The excitement and fun of playing games in the window are unique. PCs are very popular for this reason. Additionally, some Windows users wish to play the hacking version of Dragon City on their devices. Follow the steps below for downloading and installing it on Windows!

  • First of all your system meets the minimum requirements to run any Android Emulator.
  • Then Download and Install any Emulator like LD Player, BlueStack, Memu, etc. Upi can check here which emulator is best for PC.
  • Now download the mod version from our Website Apklub, Install it and Enjoy.


How to download and install the Dragon City APK?

First, download the Dragon city Apk file and then go to your mobile settings and select the accessibility option. After opening it go to the unknown sources option and touch on that. After the unknown sources, you will make it easy to install the dragon city game on your android device.


Dragon City Mod Apk is a free simulation strategy game where you can use your brain and make your city and dragons more stylish and powerful. This is much more than the other 80 million dragon masters. I play and love this game because it will relax your mind and heart. This game will also keep you busy and keep you entertained. I suggest you play a free dragon city hack download game and enjoy it on your device. You can find a lot more games here, including Last Day on Earth Mod Apk and The Sims 3 Mod Apk. By playing this you can have a lot of fun.





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