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Chicken Gun Mod Apk 4.0.2 (Unlimited Money & Health)

If you’re searching for a unique and humorous shooting game, Chicken Gun mod apk may be just what you’re looking for. Our mod apk includes the option to get unlimited coins for Chicken Gun.

Chicken Gun




229 MB


Unlimited Money & Health




Android 4.4 and up

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You’re in the right place if you are looking for a unlimited everything the Chicken Gun game. Our Chicken gun mod apk includes changes or additional features that are not present in the original version of the game. If you’re interested in trying out a modded version of the game download our chicken gun mod apk.

Chicken Gun Mod Apk Unlimited Money & Health

If you wanna get edge over other competitors in 5v5 mode or in against all mode. With our mod apk for Chicken Gun, players have access to huge amount of money. This means that players can purchase any items or upgrades they desire without having to worry about running out of money. The unlimited money feature adds convenience and flexibility to the gameplay experience, allowing players to fully customize and improve their chicken character without any financial restrictions. Whether you’re looking to progress through the game or simply want to customize your chicken to your heart’s content, the unlimited money feature makes it easy to do so.

Unlimited Health:

In most shooting games, the player’s health is a crucial factor that determines their survival in battle. However, with our chicken gun mod apk unlimited health, players have the ability to become invincible. This means that they will not take any damage from enemy attacks and will be able to survive indefinitely. This feature adds a new level of strategy to the game, as players can choose when to activate their invincibility to gain an advantage in battle.


Chicken Gun is a mobile shooting game that involves chickens with guns fighting against each other. Players can customize their chicken characters, including their appearance and weapons. The game is easy to play, with players using two basic control buttons to move and shoot. Players can earn points by defeating enemies, which can be used to exchange for items and weapons to improve their chicken’s abilities. The game has a humorous tone, with the chickens exhibiting funny actions and facial expressions.

Feathered Firefights

In Chicken Gun, players control chickens armed with guns who battle against other chickens. The gameplay involves shooting and fighting against enemy chickens to earn points and improve their character’s abilities. Players can customize their chicken characters and choose from a variety of weapons to use in combat. This feature of the game adds a unique and humorous twist to the traditional shooting game genre.

Team Tussles or Solo Struggle

Chicken Gun offers two different modes for players to choose from: 5 vs 5 and “against all.” In the 5 vs 5 mode, players are divided into teams of five and compete against another team of chickens. In the “against all” mode, players must fight against all other chickens in the game. These modes add variety to the gameplay and allow players to choose their preferred style of play.

Customizable Chaos

Players have the ability to customize their chicken characters with various items and accessories. This includes the ability to change the appearance of the rooster, as well as equip it with different weapons and sneakers. Players can also customize the beak and cap of their chicken, adding an extra layer of personalization to their character.

In addition to customization, Chicken Gun also allows players to use explosive eggs as a weapon. These eggs can be thrown at enemy chickens, causing damage and potentially defeating them. Players can use these eggs strategically to gain an advantage in battle.

This customization and egg-throwing feature adds a unique and humorous element to the gameplay, allowing players to tailor their chicken to their preferred playstyle and attack enemies in creative ways.

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Chicken Gun Mod Apk Hack Download

If you’re in search of a free and secure way to download the Chicken Gun mod apk, our website is available to assist you. We offer an easy and straightforward process for downloading the apk file for this popular shooting game. Our website is a reliable source for obtaining mod apk files, ensuring that you receive a legitimate and safe version of the game. To access the Chicken Gun mod apk, simply visit our website and follow the instructions provided. With the mod apk downloaded, you’ll be able to enjoy all the modified features like unlimited money & health and gameplay enhancements the game has to offer.


Chicken Gun mod apk is a mobile shooting game featuring chickens with guns fighting against each other in online matches. The game has two modes and allows for customization of chicken characters. The mod apk version offers unlimited money and health. The mod apk can be downloaded from our website.

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